enough (2)The problem with writing is that, when you type ‘THE END’, your work as a writer has not finished. It has begun!

The goal of writing a story, complete with its characters, world and dilemmas, is not to set down words in black and white on a computer, phone or even page, but to bring that story to life.

I am fortunate to have a plethora of story ideas buzzing around in my head. You could say that I have a fertile mind. As a child, I used to liken my creative urge to being able to look into a valley and see worlds that no one else could see. I wanted to write down the stories from these worlds, not to keep records, but so that other people could experience the stories I was seeing.

The story must live in the author’s mind, but it doesn’t truly live until it has been read by others. I have learned so much through reading. Books have helped me through the hard times in my life and celebrated the good times with me. Certain characters have become friends that stay with me always. A few books have helped structure the way that I see the world.

Readers are needed for a story to grow, travel and thrive. In this blessed age of the internet, it is easier than ever for writers to release their new born stories into the forest of readers. However, so much content also means huge competition. How can I make sure my stories get to flourish in the hearts and minds of readers, rather than being devoured by the black hole of anonymity?

This website is one way I am using to find homes for my stories. I hope that it will unite many readers with my work.

What other methods do writers use to give their stories life? As a reader, what is your preferred way to discover new authors and their worlds? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. It amazes me that there are people who can go through life without having the constant companionship of a book. If I have a temporary gap between one book and the next, I feel totally lost!! Fortunately I usually have a pile of books by mybedside, waiting to be read… I rely on recommendations mostly for new authors, or sometimes take a chance, though this rarely pays off.

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