Keshia Erin is a talented photographer, graphic designer, musician and writer.

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Keshia is Co-owner of Caliburn Photography Group. She specializes in portraits, as well as logo and book cover design.

To be in with a chance of getting a free book cover design from Keshia, comment on Monday 6th’s blog post. Want a second entry? Sign up to my newsletter mailing list and you will be automatically entered into all May Madness giveaways.

Website for Caliburn Photography Group

Twitter for Keshia Erin and Caliburn Photography Group

Facebook for Caliburn Photography Group

Instagram Keshia Erin

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    1. Thank you Lindsi 🙂 you need to comment on the super special giveaway posts to be in a chance to win (Tuesday for Book cover design and ebooks and Thursday for edit by Joseph Sale and signed copy of book).


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