Terrie Leigh Relf is a poet, author, editor, teacher and writing coach.

Based in San Diego, California, Terrie is the editor of the Drabble Harvest contest for Alban Lake publishing. She’s published numerous novels and poetry collections, as well as countless short stories and poems.

For May Madness, Terrie is offering two sessions to work on a work in progress.

As my writing mentor, I can personally vouch for how great Terrie’s skills are. She helped me get back writing last year, she’s helped me improve many a story and my short story, ‘The rains would not come’, published by Newmyths.com, was actually developed on her flash fiction course.

Terrie’s books are available wherever good literature is sold. Find her books on Amazon.

Find out more about Terrie, her writing and her editing packages on her website.

Click here to enter the super special giveaway to win two sessions with Terrie AND a character sketch by Rachael Waldburger.

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  1. Great prize! I love the idea of a writing mentor too, must be so helpful, writing can be such a struggle at times and it’s also impossible to judge your own work.

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