September Submission Challenge

Inspired by Ray Daley, I have decided to take part in the September Submission Challenge and submit a piece of short fiction every day of the month.

Eh hm. Okay, I’m a bit behind. I’m going to submit 30 pieces of short fiction in September… well, 30 fiction submissions. Also, because I’m a control freak and a bit of a villain, I’m going to change the rules and make it 30 unique markets (reminds me of the 40 markets in 40 days challenges I used to do with the lovely Mercedes M Yardley).

Below is my list of submissions for the month. They might not have been submitted on the date listed, but that is their symbolic submission date. If you pester me in the comments, I will list the actual submission dates.

Sept 1st – Dead Jimmy and the Ghost to The Drabblecast.

Sept 2nd – An Drochshaol to F&FS – rejected.

Sept 3rd – My Little Monster to Zooscapes – already received a lovely personal rejection and have a new story in mind to submit to them.

Sept 4th – Edward to Frostfire Worlds. – Accepted! Yay!

Sept 5th – My Little Monster to Liquid Imagination. – Accepted! Yay!

Sept 6th – An Drochshaol to 3 Lobed Burning Eye. – rejected.

Sept 7th – Meabh Goes to War to Claw and Blossom – rejected.

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