The Last Letter by WB Welch and Tory Hunter

Zombies. Love them or hate them, they refuse to go away, and this epistolary horror from WB Welch and Tory Hunter shows there is still a way to pour fresh life into the walking dead.

Told in the form of letters between two friends, Laura and Morrigan, this novella details life after the zombie apocalypse. Even though they live within sight of each other’s houses, an ocean of the undead separates them. Resorting to old fashioned letter writing, each chapter gives a new insight into the character’s mental health, as well as detailing how they are coping physically, and their dealings with the handsome stranger who has taken it upon himself to be their apocalyptic postman.

In the saturated zombie subgenre of horror, there is a dearth of female led stories. It is refreshing to read a zombie book with two realistic female protagonists, who are neither sword wielding super women nor in danger of being raped damsels in distress. I liked the characters of Laura and Morrigan, each with their own set of weaknesses and strengths, and found it very easy to put myself in their shoes. The epistolary nature of the narrative helped to create tension, and I was left hungry for more after the delivery of the titular last letter.

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a good while, I recommend it to every horror fan out there.

I award The Last Letter an unreserved…

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