Prince of Nightmares by John McNee


Ballador House Hotel promises its guests nightmares so vivid they won’t believe they’re dreaming. Would you want to stay in a place where your worst nightmares come true?

The last act of Josie, wife of wealthy businessman, Victor Teversham, was to book the Library Suite in the Ballador House Hotel in Scotland. Keen to honour her dying wish, and hoping to gain more insight into her death, Victor travels to Scotland to spend a night in the strange hotel.

The other guests at the hotel include repeat visitors, Paul and Karen, who want to play ghost bingo by staying in all the haunted hotel rooms; as well as disturbing looking, and possible occultist, Heinrich, and beautiful young Gia.

Victor quickly discovers there is something very odd going on at the Ballador House Hotel, and while he falls foul of the hotel’s insidious nightmares, his faithful employee, Harry, sets out to discover the cause of the hotel’s power so he can save his boss from its clutches before it’s too late.

I love stories that deal with the dreamworld, so Prince of Nightmares immediately grabbed my interest. The plot is surprisingly complex, deftly leading the reader through a series of twists and turns that are a delight to uncover. The characters are suitably complex and flawed , and the horror is satisfyingly horrible, intense and immersive – just like a nightmare. However, this bad dream will have you coming back for more.

I award Prince of Nightmares

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