Separating You by Dr Jay Carson


Have you ever wanted to read a self help book written by a serial killer? Well, now is your chance.

Purported to be written by self appointed doctor, Jay Carson, what starts out as a mild parody of self help books soon devolves into a chaotic look into the mind of a homicidal psychopath.

Written in second person, this book is either a brilliant delve into what makes someone a serial killer, or the sick diary of an actual psychopath.

The author lays clues throughout the narrative that show how Jay became the man he is today. From his childhood abuse and first introduction to death and killing, to later opportunities for love and rejection, the sorry destruction of a human being almost has you feeling sorry for Dr Carson. However, equally superbly shown is how Jay embraces the darkness within and without. He chooses to channel his pain into hurting others. He is a victim, yes, but he is also a predator.

I started out chuckling at the dark humor at the beginning of this book, but as it went on, I found I could only read it for short amounts of time before I needed to emerge from the darkness of Dr Jay’s mind. This is the best look into the thought processes of a serial killer that I have ever read. It is a work of genius, but not very pleasant.

If you like true crime, books about serial killers and are interested in what makes up the mind of a psychopath, you will love this. Be warned, it is very dark.

I award Separating You

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2 thoughts on “Separating You by Dr Jay Carson”

  1. I don’t want to see inside the mind of a serial killer but you give this such a good review that were I ever writing about one, I would definitely read this 🙂

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