Sinners by A.R. Wise

What if your demons were literal instead of figurative?

Arthur struggles with addiction – drink, drugs, sex, he’s a slave to them all – but he’s trying to get clean for the sake of his mother, who he’s caring for as she is dying with cancer. However, demons have set their sights on Arthur, and what they have planned for him is a killer.

Written in third person, past tense, Sinners starts with a bang and doesn’t let up. The demonic element is suitably dark and gorey, while Arthur is very human, and his relationship with his mother is realistic and compelling. As with A.R. Wise’s other books, careful reading is rewarded, and I’m sure paying attention will get a bigger payoff when the second and third books in the series are released.

I enjoyed this book. It’s quite short and I finished it quickly. I found the story line very interesting. My only disappointment was that there is more to this story, and I have to wait to read the rest of the trilogy to get the full picture. I hope the other books will be released soon.

I award Sinners

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2 thoughts on “Sinners by A.R. Wise”

  1. Sounds good, I like this author. Will add to my reading list, although that is currently so long that the other two books might be out before I get to this one!

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