Zombie Zone Zero by Robert Knight

It’s 2012 and it turns out the Mayans were right. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and there are worse things than zombies in British Columbia.

Liquor store worker, Chris Daniels, thinks it’s another day, another dollar, until the dead start walking again, and they’re hungry. A group of survivors try to hold out in the store, before they embark on an epic journey from Prince George across the snow clad landscape of BC. Chris finds strength he didn’t know he had, falls in love and learns that in the apocalypse, the living are more dangerous than the dead.

Told in first person, past tense and written as Chris’s memoir, Zombie Zone Zero is fun, gorey, violent and a bit sexy too. It is refreshing to see the action take place in Canada, and the different locations are described with obvious local knowledge.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a bit of a romp and has all the things I like in a zombie book; realistic characters, interesting gore, and a new take on a tired genre. In this novel, the new take is definitely the Canadian countryside and people. I could imagine myself as part of the group on this journey. There was a gritty truth to their travels that made it seem like zombies were just a new threat to people who always had to battle against nature in order to survive. There was a little too much sex for me, but that was a small part of another excellent post apocalyptic adventure.

I award Zombie Zone Zero

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