Doggem by John F. Leonard

A toy dog unexpectedly gains independent thought, and then experiences something that may make him wish he hadn’t.

Doggem, the cutest of cuddly toys, routinely goes home with the students of the school where he works, his diary stapled to his tail for the young children to fill in. Normally Doggem is unaware of these trips, because he’s a stuffed toy, but that’s before George. Things will never be the same for Doggem after his visit to George’s house.

A dark horror story told in alternating chapters from Doggem’s point of view and third person omniscient narration, Doggem is a delight. The newly awakened animal has a vocabulary to rival Frankenstein’s monster, if perhaps a more loving nature. The story is simple, but packs a punch. The protagonist may be a child’s toy, but this is not a children’s story.

I really enjoyed this short story. It was creepier than I expected, and I enjoy the dark taste it left in my mouth.

I award Doggem

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