Affinity’s Window by Douglas L. Wilson

Meet Affinity Bell, a little girl with a big attitude and a magical doll. Mess with her at your peril.

In the 1940’s, Affinity Bell fights monsters in her millionaire father’s mansion, aided by Mr Moppet, her magical doll. Thirty years later, journalist Tanner Dann brings psychic, Linda Cookmeyer, to the house where Affinity once lived in the hope of seeing ghosts. Not only do they find what they’re looking for, but there is another presence in the house that’s eager to taste the living, and it’s hungry for Tanner Dann.

Written from the point of view of many different characters, this book starts with a small child and a deceptively small story, before expanding into a multigenerational and decades long epic that draws you further in with each passing page.

I enjoyed Affinity’s Window. My favourite character was Affinity. She was a compelling character, one that I enjoyed spending time with and would have liked to have read more about, despite her less savory characteristics. Linda, and her daughter, Claire, were both psychic, and I liked how their gifts were described. The revelation of what was really going on was intriguing, but I was unsure about the character of Seraphis. I was also unsure why the author set the story in both the 1940’s and 1970’s, as I don’t see how these time periods added to the tale.

I award Affinity’s Window

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