Ruth and John Getting to Know You by David Rae

Pregnant, and freshly dismissed from her job, Ruth’s chance encounter with a lucky stranger on a train leads to the beginning of a great adventure.

Ruth is looking for a husband, and John always wanted a first class wife, so it seems a mutually beneficial arrangement for them to get married. Thus begins their life together where, along with the normal obstacles of marriage that any young couple must navigate, Ruth and John also have unpleasant landlords to contend witj, and a rather sinister organization that has ouroboros – the snake devouring its tail – as their symbol.

Written in third person, past tense, this book contains 12 tales, or chapters, which each detail a self contained adventure in Ruth and John’s life, while also furthering the overall story. Originally published on the author’s website in serial format, with input from his readers to inspire the next section, this is the first time the stories have been gathered together as a book.

I love the characters of Ruth and John, whose initial encounter was inspired by how the author’s grandparents met in real life. David Rae is great at combining humor with the sinister, as well as creating a realistic depiction of what life was like over 100 years ago. I can’t wait to read where Ruth and John’s adventures take them next.

I award Ruth and John Getting to Know You

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