Dead Meat: Day 2 by Nick Clausen

Were the zombies contained after the excitement of Dead Meat: Day 1? Of course not! Denmark is never going to be the same.

Selina joins Dan, from the first book, in this installment. The two teenagers are desperate to stop the zombies from spreading, but the undead are pesky creatures, and difficult to control.

Told in third person, present tense, the second book in the series is much more humorous than the first. While Dead Meat: Day 1 took place in an isolated, claustrophobic location, Dead Meat: Day 2, in order to spread the zombie invasion has a much wider reach, and I think it suffers because of it. A lot of the characters actions are ridiculously stupid in order to further the plot, which makes the story play out like a farce rather than a horror.

I enjoyed Dead Meat: Day 2, although not as much as it’s stellar predecessor, and I look forward to the next book in the series. Dan is a strong character, and I hope he returns to fight the spreading dead in Dead Meat: Day 3. I think this series would make an excellent comedy drama tv show, with each book being one episode. My expectations going forward are for things to get much wackier as the week progresses.

I award Dead Meat: Day 2

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6 thoughts on “Dead Meat: Day 2 by Nick Clausen”

  1. Wow, a Danish zombie story! I must admit, I have never heard about this author (despite of being Danish). I am glad you liked it, although I suppose it was disappointing that it couldn’t live up to the first book.

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