Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow by Carlos Colón

Thirty years ago he was Nicky Negrón, husband and father, but after an encounter with a dangerous woman, he became one of the undead, and now lives as Jorge Sangria, vampire.

The book starts after the events of the first book, Sangre: The Color of Dying, where Jorge and his vampire acquaintance, Travis, have just killed Simone, the vampire who sired them both. However, Simone doesn’t want to stay dead, and Jorge has to work with an enemy, while dodging the FBI, protecting his living family, and finding time to feed, as he works to put Simone in the grave once and for all.

Written in first person, past tense, the narrative covers two different time lines. Some chapters deal with Nicky as a teenager in the 1960’s, detailing several of his dysfunctional relationships with women. The rest of the book is set in the present, and follows Jorge’s attempts to kill his sire, the vampire Simone.

I haven’t read Sangre: The Color of Dying, so I was unaware of the rules for the vampires when I started this book. These vampires are caused by a virus, and any person drained of blood immediately turns into a vampire. Apparently there are two types of vampires; a vicious, mindless killer type, and then the genetic resistant type, like Jorge, where the person retains their memory, and can control their blood lust.

I’m unsure where Simone falls within these categories, as she doesn’t seem to be either type of vampire, but perhaps this was covered in the first book.

I was also confused whether the people who vampires fed from but didn’t drain, or the people the vampires had sex with, ended up infected by the virus. If so, how did this affect them? Did they turn slowly into a vampire, or would they turn when they eventually died?

One of the things I liked in this novel was that Holy Water burned the vampires like acid, however this also confused me, as how did this work if vampirism was a disease?

The chapters concerning Nicky’s teenage years were engaging. I can’t say I liked the sex obsessed teen, but I could see his life, and feel his triumphs and losses as they were described.

Unfortunately, the chapters from vampire Jorge’s point of view read at times like third person omniscient, and I regretted the loss of intimacy and connection with the character.

I award Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow

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2 thoughts on “Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow by Carlos Colón”

  1. Interesting, but it’s always hard reading the second book first – though I guess it depends on the book. I’ve read second in the series after being told not to bother with the first because the first was mostly setup and once that was out of the way, the next book was really exciting.

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