Dragonshadow by Elle Katharine White

Aliza and Alastair are married, but there is no time for a honeymoon when you’re the country’s finest dragonrider.

Murders in Castle Selwyn, on the far northern border of Arle, draw Alastair Dairead back to work only days after his wedding to Aliza Bentaine. Refusing to be left behind by her new husband, Aliza insists on accompanying Alastair and Akarra on the long dragon flight to Castle Selwyn. There she acquaints herself with the mysterious lady of the house, and uncovers many secrets, some crucial to the case, others much more personal.

In Dragonshadow the carefully crafted fantasy world introduced in Heartstone flourishes without having to follow the constraints of Pride and Prejudice. It is nice to see Alastair and Aliza exploring their world, which this time around is more medieval than regency, and has a decidedly Celtic flavor. The subplot of the mysterious Silent King of Els is advanced, and Aliza gains more knowledge of the Tekari. While it is a shame that the rest of the Bentaines – especially Mari – are absent from this novel, it is also understandable and makes narrative sense.

I enjoyed the continuation of Aliza and Alastair’s story in Dragonshadow. I am in love with the world of Arle, and I enjoyed getting to know it better. There is also a character named Isolde, which is a variant spelling of my name, and while the author may deny it, I am sure that she named the character after me. I am very grateful.

I award Dragonshadow

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2 thoughts on “Dragonshadow by Elle Katharine White”

  1. I read this book and really enjoyed it. I loved the world, and like you, preferred it without the constraint of mirroring Jane Austen. I would also like to see the rest of th family, particularly Mari, and I am looking forward to the third book!

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