Follow Him by Craig Stewart

Satanic cults are up to no good in this dark horror by Craig Stewart.

Seeking a way to leave the world behind, Jacob was found by the cult of The Shared Heart. Now a Dreg, as the followers of the Collecter are called, he awaits The Harvest.

Jacob may be finished with his former life, but it’s not finished with him. Nina, the woman he left behind, will do anything in her power to get him back, but how can she stand against the ancient and nameless horror that claims Jacob as its own?

Written in past tense, mostly third person limited, Follow Him is a dark book. It shows the darkness that causes people to leave their lives behind, or do anything to get them back. It’s filled with nightmares and desperation, the distortion of truth and love until it’s impossible to know where reality ends and illusion begins. In the tradition of books such as I Am Legend and movies like the original Wicker Man, it plays with you as heartlessly as a cat toying with a mouse.

It took me a few chapters to get into this book, but once I had a handle on the characters and the cult, I couldn’t put it down. The dynamic between Jacob and Nina enthralled me, and I enjoyed Nina’s character arc. The description of life in the cult is low key, banal even, for the most part, which makes its all the more disturbing.

I award Follow Him

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