Beware the Back of the Bus: Book 2 by Stefan Lind

Sawee and Evan are stuck in the Wherever, but what dangers await for them in the world accessed through the back of the bus?

Following directly after the events of the first book, 12 year olds, Sawee and Evan, have journeyed to the Wherever to find their missing friends, Scott and Sita. What they find is a world of ice and darkness, where riders with glowing blue eyes hunt the frozen plains with their monstrous wolf like creatures. Exploring this new world, Sawee is reminded of a myth from her childhood, but with time moving much faster in the Wherever than in their home world, can they ever hope to return to their families?

The second book in the series continues to develop the excellent characters of Sawee and Evan. Sawee’s Thai heritage continues to help her survive and make sense of what’s going on. She is a wonderful resourceful character, who is physically strong, intelligent and kind. Evan is likewise intelligent and courageous, if at times a bit clueless.

The Wherever is a fascinating place, and I enjoyed the link to the myth of Ramakien. I look forward to reading how this develops in book 3.

I loved the first book, but book 2 earns an extra dog for the imaginative setting of the Wherever, the engaging characters and a thrilling cliffhanger ending. I hope I don’t have long to wait for the next book in the series.

I award Beware the Back of the Bus: Book 2

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