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Second Skin by Cal P Logan

My first book review for the Indiecember Reading Challenge, Second Skin crosses off the blue and white cover category.

Vincent lives in Brenhold, working for the Brotherhood of Thieves as one of their finest assassins. Since marrying and becoming a father, Vincent is finding it difficult to attack his work with his previous fervor, and wonders if it’s time to get out of the game. However, before he can look for a promotion, he must tackle one last mission: seduce and murder a witch.

Written in first person, past tense, from the point of view of Vincent, this is a dark fantasy short story set in a world reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons or Baldurs Gate. Because of the familiarity of the setting, not much description is devoted to the world building, instead focusing on Vincent, his love for his family, his growing difficulty with his job and the perils of his new assignment.

The author writes well, giving complexity to what could have been a stock character. I found Vincent’s struggles intriguing, and I kept reading in the hope that he would succeed in protecting his wife and son. As a gamer who loves fantasy RPG, and has played both Baldurs Gate games for the PlayStation more times than I can count, there was an added appeal in imagining Vincent as once of the assassins in the thieves guild, who was lucky enough to be out on the day a burly barbarian broke into their headquarters and slaughtered them all.

However, Vincent’s story does read more like a vignette than a full tale. The ending, while enjoyable, was somewhat predictable, and there is too much clamoring to be told than this 30 minute read can deliver.

I award Second Skin

Second Skin ebook costs $1.28.

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