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The Odyssey of the Dragolitha by Caleb Wright

Todays book completes the Friends of Rudolph square for Indiecember.

Five prisoners – Tatsuo, Kaida, Ju-Long, Khu and Incindia – are transformed into magical half dragons by a meteor. They become the Dragolitha, and agree to use their new powers for good against Xirow, who uses his magical powers to spread death and destruction across the land.

There is a lot to like about this book. Dragons are always interesting. There are some cute bog squirrels. A lot of exciting set pieces. Each of the Dragolitha have potential to be engaging characters. There are some strange monsters that they have to fight. I could see the story working very well in visual format, especially an anime cartoon.

Unfortunately, the execution of the story could have been better. I would have liked more description of the world and explanation of how it worked. I was often confused about where the characters were and what was happening. While I like how characters grow over the course of a novel, I would have appreciated some information on how or why the main characters gathered together in the first place, and it would have been nice to see how their relationships developed as they came to terms with their new powers.

I award The Odyssey of the Dragolitha

Ebook $2.04 and print book $6.99.

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2 thoughts on “The Odyssey of the Dragolitha by Caleb Wright”

  1. Dragons are amazing! Despite of that, I would give this one a miss. When you say you were often confused about where the characters were and what was happening, I would most definitely be confused. Maybe I have a bad memory or perhaps it is because I tend to read short bits of a book at a time, but it doesn’t take much to confuse me 😉

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