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Dead Meat: Day 3 By Nick Clausen

It’s day 3 and the end of the world is well and truly underway. What are the people of Denmark to do?

Following on from Dead Meat: Day 2, this book introduces new characters William, a hospital janitor, and student Mille, friend of Seline from the previous book. Recognizing the zombies for what they are, both characters immediately take steps to survive once confronted with the reanimated dead.

Dan, from the first two books, wakes to find that his efforts to avert the zombie apocalypse were unsuccessful. He’s already lost his sister, but now the rest of his family are in danger of being eaten or turned. Will any survive to see Day 4?

As in the first two books, this installment is written in third person limited, present tense. The zombie infestation carries on from the origin explained in the first book, and as the numbers grow, people start to notice that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. The new characters are interesting, and they advance the plot in an unexpected way. Dan is as brave and resourceful as before. The action is fast paced and tense.

Dead Meat: Day 3 is back on top form for me after a slightly disappointing second book. I liked that William and Mille recognized the zombies immediately for what they were. There were less stupid reactions from people, although I’m looking forward to the characters arming themselves against the undead. The rate at which the zombies were multiplying was frightening and, as they took over the area, it was fun to think about how I would cope if it were happening in my home town.

This book completed the published in 2019 square on my Indiecember card.

I award Dead Meat: Day 3

Ebook costs $1.30 on Amazon.

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  1. My list of books to read has grown so long since you have been posting all these reviews! 🙂 Enjoyed every recommendation I’ve read so far.

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