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Advent Ghosts 2019

Rhonda Parrish introduced me to Loren Eaton’s Advent Ghosts event, and I thought I would take part this year.

In the spirit of the Victorian tradition of telling spooky Christmas stories, Loren challenges participants to write a Christmas themed scary drabble (a story of 100 words).

Be sure to check out Loren’s site, where he has links to all the participants stories.

Now, without further ado, my story…

Maria’s first Christmas without Skittles, a scratch at the back door motivated her to struggle into her snowsuit and boots. A white and brown terrier stood on the doorstep, his butt wriggling with each wave of his tail.

She chased the little dog through the garden, his paws leaving no mark on the fresh snow, until, exhausted, they collapsed on a snowman.

“I thought you were dead.”

“I am, but because you’re a very special girl, I was allowed visit you this morning. I’ll bring the others with me next year.”

“What others?”

“Your parents,” Skittles said, before vanishing.

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