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The Final Wars Begin by S A Asthana

Earth is a barren husk. Humanity clings precariously to life in three separate colonies; under Paris, on earth, on Mars, and on the moon. When the Trilateral Treaty between the planets is broken, the delicate peace is shattered. Is this how the final wars begin?

In the distant future, World War III has left Earth’s surface uninhabitable, and the remnants of humanity clinging to life in three diverse settlements. New Paris; a squalid mess surviving in the sewers underneath the merciless dessert of former France, ruled by a psychotic goddess queen. Port Sydney; a technological marvel on Mars, governed by a quantum computer. Nippon One; a vast civilization on the moon, led by an emperor.

Bastien Lyons, former New Paris sewer brat, once Martian military marvel and now wanted fugitive, never expected his life to come to this. Despite the good teaching of Father Paul, a kindly priest who rescued him as a child, Bastien is afraid that he has dealt with monsters so long that he has become one.

Despite his best intentions, could Bastien be the instigator of humanity’s ultimate demise?

While much of this book concerns Bastien, the scope is much broader than one man’s struggle. Mainly set on Earth, the reader is privy to the machinations of the rulers of all three colonies, allowing us to see the precarious chess game that the last humans play, always one move away from annihilation.

The author skillfully weaves a tale that is sweeping in world building, uncompromising in its societal structure and plot, yet is also compassionate to its characters. Despite being pawns to a larger story, it is impossible not to be drawn into the plight of Bastien and the other New Parisians, developing an emotional connection that makes the inevitable disaster all the more heartbreaking.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The extensive world building was never confusing or exposition heavy. The future developments of the human race were plausible. Marie Dubois, self proclaimed goddess queen of New Paris, is depraved and despicable, but also complex and human.

I particularly liked the mention of religion in this book. From New Paris’ cult, to the more tolerant Martian and Moon colonies, the fact the faith had survived made this book much more realistic, and enjoyable, for me.

I award The Final Wars Begin

The Final Wars Begin costs ebook $5.06 and $12.95 print book on Amazon.

This book counts as the science fiction square for Indiecember, and completes my first full line on my Reading Challenge card.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Congratulations on completing your first full line! Looking forward to seeing you complete the rest. The book sounds really good, I will definitely read it, thanks for the recommendation!

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