Iseult Murphy Award Eligibility for 2019

I see these posts are a thing, and, as I published a few stories this year, I thought I’d join in.

Return to Hades and Other Adventures, a collection of 12 fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories. It’s available in both print and electronic formats.

‘Edward’ (short story) appeared in the November issue of Frostfire Worlds, edited by Jessica Sneeringer.

‘My Little Monster’ (short story) appeared in the November issue of Liquid Imagination, edited by Edwin Riddell.

The Screaming Stones’, (flash), this blog.

Surprise!’, (flash), this blog.

The Secret of the Gazebo’, (flash), this blog.

The Thief of Souls’, (flash), this blog.

Just for Christmas’, (Drabble), this blog.

4 thoughts on “Iseult Murphy Award Eligibility for 2019”

  1. Loved all 12 stories in Return to Hades, particularly the title story and Dead Jimmy and the Ghost, and also loved all the stories you published on your blog, particularly The Screaming Stones – which has a fantastic end!


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