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31 Day Submission Challenge

Update 31/1/20

What do they say about the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men?

I’ve gang aft a-gley, in a big way.

Despite my best intentions, no submissions this month. Not as much writing as I planned and fewer book reviews.

Here’s to a better month in February, and wishing the best of success to everyone who managed to take part in the January Submission Challenge.

It’s the start of a new month, a new year and a new decade, so what better way to begin 2020 than with a submission challenge?

Thanks to Ray Daley for being the inspiration and driving force behind the 31 Days of Submitting Challenge. Visit his website to find out what it is all about. He has very kindly compiled a list of over 31 science fiction, fantasy and horror publications and anthologies open for submissions in January and linked to them in this blog post.

I had great success in Ray’s previous challenge last September, and I hope to submit even more stories this month.

I will update this post throughout the month to list the stories and markets as I submit. If you’re taking part comment below, and remember to leave a link to your submission blog post (if you have one) so I can follow you on your submission journey.

5 thoughts on “31 Day Submission Challenge”

  1. I’ve fed back to the Facebook group, 3 subs today. Glad to have you with us again.
    If you’re on facebook, tweet me your link so I can drop you a friend request there & add you to the official group.

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  2. Great idea, and fantastic to have someone do the research for you! Best of luck with all your submissions – hoping to hear of great successes during the year!

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