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Come Closer by Sara Gran

The best depiction of a demonic possession I’ve come across in fiction; Come Closer is truly terrifying.

Amanda appears to have the perfect life. She’s a successful architect, is working on her dream home and is married to a respectable man. However, when Amanda starts to change, only the German Shepherd mix she gives biscuits to on the way home from the train notices.

Gran has obviously done her research about the symptoms of demonic possession. Apart from a few exceptions, Amanda’s transformation was subtle, and so much scarier because of that. There was an element of self sabotage to Amanda’s story. Perhaps it was ennui at what her life had become, or fear of losing what she had worked to build that made her psychologically and spiritually vulnerable to the demon.

Amanda was a layered, realistic human being and, as such, it is understandable why some readers didn’t find her likable. Was she complicit in her possession, preferring the company of a demon that would never leave to the love of a husband or the success of a career that could be lost? Perhaps her childhood had clues to why she longed to be loved but was afraid to accept it. Like one of those toys that grow when you immerse them in water, Come Closer contains so much information that it continues to reveal itself to you as you think on it after you’ve finished reading it.

I loved this book. It was absorbing and scary and tragic. There was so much truth in Amanda’s story. Her childhood provided the foundations that left her vulnerable in adult life. When concerning events took place, she was quick to invalidate her worries and explain the events away. Faced with something outside his experience, her husband didn’t give the help and support needed, even as Amanda’s odd behavior escalated. That which was unpleasant was ignored, because it was easier. When Amanda did eventually seek help, she looked in the wrong places. Ignorant and alone, she didn’t know where to find relief from her affliction.

This book came so close to perfection. However, I felt that there was something missing, an element that even appeared to have been foreshadowed. Because of this, I award Come Closer

Come Closer is available for $10.25 ebook and $17 print book on Amazon.

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