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Furrows by Joslyn Chase

Three horror short stories make up this chilling collection by Joslyn Chase.

In the first story, the eponymous Furrows, a reporter finds more than he bargained for when he travels to a mental hospital to interview an award winning doctor.

The second story, Bedtime Story, concerns a winged nightmare and one little boy who recognizes the danger.

Finally there is Absolution; a tale with a twist that shows a man looking for forgiveness.

In addition to the stories, each one has a chilling introduction and some backstory at the end from the author, detailing how she came up with the idea, her writing process and how the stories fared in the competitions they were written for.

The highlight of the collection for me was Bedtime Stories. There was some very creepy imagery and the bones of a really great plot. I would like it to have been developed further to make it more satisfying.

Unfortunately, when you have spent a life time of reading horror, you see the same situations cropping up, and by the first couple of lines of a story you have a good idea of where it’s going to go. If a new way at looking at the familiar is revealed, or a compelling cast of characters is introduced, or a strong voice speaks forth, you don’t mind that the setting has been well used. The stories in Furrows are competently written, but alas, for me, they were underdeveloped.

I award Furrows

Furrows is available for $1.29 ebook on Amazon.

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