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The Cat in the Wall by Heather Nanni

A collection of dark and twisted tales of women in strange situations.

The Cat in the Wall starts off this collection of six very short stories; a flash piece about a woman whose mother starts hallucinating. Next comes Hive, broaching the subject of infidelity. After that comes The White Rabbit, and one woman’s symbol of freedom. Diane’s lights concerns love for Christmas that transcends death. Spirits follows a similar theme to the first story, showing how people with dementia are not always seeing imagery things. The final story, Winter Lake, looks at a mother failing to cope with her difficult child.

The stories are fun and the whole collection only takes about thirty minutes to read. I liked Nanni’s style, and the deeper themes in her work. Unfortunately, each story was too short to explore the theme or character in any depth. However, I look forward to reading something more substantial from this author.

I award The Cat in the Wall

The Cat in the Wall is available for $3.03 ebook and $5.99 print book on Amazon.

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