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Forest Underground by Lydian Faust

A doctor hoping to make her name, and a patient who might not be human. Let’s journey together to the Forest Underground.

After an apparent suicide attempt, Luna (that’s the third Luna this month, following Nameless and To Be Devoured) is admitted to Dr Sizemore’s experimental treatment facility. Kept isolated from the other patients, and subjected to odd scenarios during her therapy sessions, Luna slowly reveals details of her childhood and life up to her incident of self harm. Has Dr Sizemore discovered a psychiatric goldmine, or is Luna something more dangerous?

Written in an engrossing, surreal style, Forest Underground will keep you reading to find out what happens next. Rich in symbolism, obviously inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, it is a nightmarish puzzle that begs to be solved. The notion of the underground forest, where Luna grew up, and where she claims to constantly dwell, contains echoes of a shamanic journey, as well as Jung’s collective subconscious.

The story is split into three narratives; Luna, Alisha (Dr Sizemore) and Michael, Luna’s crush. Each character’s story builds on the one before, revealing new information.

I enjoyed the odd atmosphere of this book, and it’s spectacular imagery. Unfortunately the plot left me a little confused and dissatisfied. There is the story as it is presented, which is most likely the true narrative, and then there is the story that I pieced together from suggestion and implication. Which is the correct interpretation? It is for the reader to decide, but it did leave me wondering if perhaps I was overthinking it.

I award The Forest Underground

The Forest Underground is available for $2.59 ebook and $11.98 print book on Amazon.

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