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Postscript by Barbara Avon

Two lost souls find each other in this romance with a difference.

Jameson Brooks is aggressive and angry, spending his days working hard for a furniture removal company, and his nights drinking and hooking up with women he despises. Angry at the world for the hardships in his life, James doesn’t take it well when his gorgeous new neighbor rebuffs his advances.

Lina has known hardship, so when the man upstairs starts making advances towards her, it seems like the spiral is starting all over again. Can love change people, or are we doomed to repeat the same cycle of abuse?

Written from an omniscient perspective and set in Avon’s favorite time periods of both the 1980’s and the early twentieth century, Postscript does a good job of describing two lost, broken people. Without being heavy handed, the experiences of both the main character’s pasts are shown to have impacted on them negatively, resulting in the maladapted personalities that are presented in the book.

While this novella is primarily a romance, it is far from a happy one. Perhaps it is the cynic in me, but I read this as a cautionary tale of how we can’t escape our damaging behaviors, even in the next life. While the story is satisfactory and well told, I kept hoping for something more from Lina that would have driven the narrative down a darker road.

I award Postscript

Postscript is available for $2.59 ebook and $12.88 print book on Amazon.

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