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Zombie Zone Zero 2 by Robert Knight

A young woman searches for love in a world denuded of the living by the dead, in this engaging sequel.

The year is 2022, ten years after the events of Zombie Zone Zero, when Artie Johnson, his young daughter, Melissa, and the rest of the survivors fled to Princess Royal Island to escape the dead.

Melissa is now 19, and while her thoughts turn to love, she doesn’t know any eligible suitors in the close knit community where she lives. She persuades her father to let her and her friends journey to the mainland to scout out the lie of the land, gather supplies, and fetch a husband. Artie reluctantly agrees, and so Mel sets forth into a world more dangerous than she can imagine.

The remaining zombies have changed, becoming hardier and more difficult to evade. Humanity has changed too, developing – or is that rediscovering – a sixth sense that helps bring together the small groups of survivors.

However, some things never change, as Mel discovers when she journeys with Will Dalton and his friends to their hide out near an old shopping mall. There are some appetites that haven’t been doused by living with zombies, only become more twisted and perverse, which leads to a show down that is equal parts disgusting and satisfying.

Zombie Zone Zero 2: All The Tides of the World is a different beast to its predecessor, as it should be, given how the first book was about surviving the zombie apocalypse and it’s sequel is a love story set after the zombies have taken over.

There are lots of literary allusions in this book, the best one coming near the end of the book, which I won’t spoil although it perhaps has less of an impact than in it did in 2014.

The changes to the zombies, and more importantly, the humans, are another fascinating development in this book. I had hoped that the hints at psychic powers would have been explored fully in a third book, perhaps explained by the small number of survivors allowing the remaining living to tune into their innate ability to hear other people that had been disabled pre zombies as the noise of so many people would have sent people reeling. Alas, Zombie Zone Zero 3 will never happen now as the author, pennane for Cindy Bouchard, passed away last September.

This book has an 18+ warning on the cover for good reason. There are a few detailed sex scenes, and the gore is strong, especially near the end, which deals with issues that many may find upsetting.

I award Zombie Zone Zero 2

Zombie Zone Zero 2 is available for $2.75 ebook on Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Zombie Zone Zero 2 by Robert Knight”

  1. Sounds a good zombie horror tale! Sorry to hear of the author’s demise – I have a list of books that I wish authors had written, films and tv series that all deserved more screen time! Sounds like another to add to the list.

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