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Wet Water by WB Welch

35 poems of lust, love and all things relationship, in this collection by horror author, WB Welch.

Dark, intense and full of adult language, these poems outline the progression of a romantic relationship – from first lust, intense physical attraction, to comfortable intimacy, then heart ache and irritation, before finally something more akin to love.

Numbered, rather than named, some of the poems are simply one line, others much longer. While not exactly horror poetry, several of the poems contain dark, violent imagery, and use horror metaphors to express the often intense emotions of intimacy. Likewise, water is a recurring motif, whether the absence of moisture referencing the longing for a lover, or immersion in water standing in for the breathlessness of love.

I find reviewing poetry difficult. For one, I don’t feel qualified to critique it technically. I studied poetry in school, but I haven’t kept up to date with trends as I have with prose. Secondly, poetry is something that is to be savored, reread and contemplated. To read this collection straight through takes about thirty minutes, but that would be to do the poems a disservice.

Therefore I am left to comment on how the collection struck me. I admit I enjoyed it, favorites being No 3 – which captures the sacrifice inherit in love, and No 34 – a sweet reflection on the tragedy and beauty of life.

However, I don’t see this as a collection I will return to often. Therefore, I award Wet Water

Wet Water is available for $2.97 ebook and $7.99 print book on Amazon.

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