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David Rae Week

To celebrate the launch of David Rae’s dark fantasy novel, Crowman, from Brain lag Publishing on Friday (Friday 13th, how cool is that!), I’m celebrating all things David Rae on my blog.

Who is David Rae?

David Rae lives in Scotland in a world of his own; a world of wonder, a world where hoards of workers spill out of factories, a world where fog and smoke shroud all kinds of creatures, a world where ruined castles, factories and houses were haunted by ghosts, gangs and memories. He lives in a world where witches have been burned at the cross and martyrs have been hung on the Gallowgreen. And he tries to write and tell people all about it.

Find out more about David Rae on his website, Amazon author page, twitter profile and goodreads page.

How I know David

I met David (virtually) on an online writing course we both took several years ago. I loved the pieces of writing that he posted to the group, and was impressed by his insightful comments. It helped that he seemed to like my writing too! Since then I’ve read lots of David’s work, have loved it all, and I’m so excited to celebrate the publication of his first novel.

David’s story, First Class, was the first guest post on my blog way back in 2018.

Things to look forward to this week

My review of David’s collection of short stories, Midnight in the Garden of Naughty and Nice.

My review of David’s collection of Ruth and John stories, continuing on from First Class: Ruth and John Getting to Know You.

Original fiction by David Rae – Sarah’s Happiness – a sequel to my story, ‘Topper’s Shop’.

My review of Crowman, a dark fantasy novel published by Brain lag.

Mythology & Me: what David has to say about the magic area where mythology, fantasy and winged things collide.

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