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Carpe Glitter by Cat Rambo

Nebula award nominated, Carpe Glitter, is a magical read that somehow packs a narrative and emotional punch way beyond its word count.

Persephone has avoided putting down roots for years, more to avoid being caught in the cross hairs between her mother and grandmother than anything else, but when Grandma dies, she travels to Las Vegas to sort through the mess she left behind.

Turns out former stage magician Grandma had quite a few tricks up her sleeve, and it’s more than just family drama that’s uncovered in this fantasy tale filled with oodles of glorious magic.

I admit it, I love stage magic. At the age of seven I toured my primary school with a magic show. When the school paid a magician to entertain us, I carefully worked out his tricks and gleefully informed my classmates of how he did it (I know, big no no for magicians. It’s why I’m not in the magic circle. Also, this man had also come to my house to fix the plumbing, so I found it hard to take him seriously on stage).

Like all good stories about stage magic, Carpe Glitter explores that which lies beyond sleight of hand and illusion, and ventures into the realms of fantasy magic in all its satisfying forms.

But wait, there’s more.

At its heart, this is a story of three women, and the intricate game of chess they played their entire lives. Layered, realistic and with motives that are beautifully woven into the fantastical elements of the plot, this novelette doesn’t trip up on any of its numerous threads.

I award Carpe Glitter

Carpe Glitter is available for $3.18 ebook and $9.95 print book on Amazon.

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