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The Girl Who Wasn’t There by Nick Clausen

Ghosts, monsters and great characters. Who could ask for anything more? Nick Clausen’s latest horror novel is released today.

Ten year old Rebecca goes missing from outside the library, and her 13 year old brother, Andy, feels responsible. He will not stop looking for her, even though the police don’t seem to care, his mother has changed through grief, and his father is dead behind the eyes.

Messages hidden in the books at the library show Andy that he has one ally, but when a girl who isn’t there starts helping him, Andy has to accept the possibility that whoever took Rebecca may also be not quite human.

Gripping from the first page, scary and intense throughout, its impossible to put this book down until you’ve reached the end.

Regular readers will know I love Nick Clausen’s books, and discovering his works was one of my literary highlights last year. Therefore, I do not say this lightly. I think this is his best book yet. It has all the hallmarks that make his other books so enjoyable – realistic characters, spooky creatures, engaging writing style – but the story is much darker than his previous books, the stakes are higher, and this makes The Girl Who Wasn’t There all the better because of it.

The premise – the disappearance of a young girl – is heartbreaking on its own, and Clausen depicts the fall out for Andy and his family very well. There is real tragedy here, and that’s before the terrifying monsters and paranormal creatures appear.

The characters in this book are faced with increasingly difficult odds. They fight, and they fail. Their actions have consequences, and because they are well crafted characters that you care about, those consequences pack emotional punches.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of horror thrillers everywhere.

I award The Girl Who Wasn’t There

The Girl Who Wasn’t There is available for $1.23 ebook on Amazon.

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. The good thing for Andy is that he had to read all of the libraries books to get clues about his sister. Rarely has reading library books constituted such a concrete community service project. Sounds epic.

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