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The Magical Readathon Challenge

When I read about the Magical Readathon on Jenna’s blog, I thought it sounded fun. Little did I know the depth of the rabbit hole I was about to fall into.

Apparently there is this amazing person, called Book Roast, who set up the Magical Readathon three years ago. She loves Harry Potter so much, she wanted to experience the highs and lows of her very own wizarding exams.

I gather in the Harry Potter universe there are two level of exams. The Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.Ls) and the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.Ts).

The level of detail that Book Roast has gone to in designing this challenge is extraordinary. Even though I’m not familiar with Harry Potter, I felt excited when I read the guidebook to pick my career path. So much love and hard work went into this, it is indeed magical.

If you want to find out more about the Magical Readathon, the O.W.Ls (taking place this month) and the N.E.W.Ts (taking place in August), here are some helpful links.

I have chosen the Magizoogist career path, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t? For my exams I have to study the following categories:

Care of Magical Creatures (creature with a beak on the cover)

This sounds like a good scary horror novel, and I’ve heard lots of praise for it. Plus, it’s got this cute raven on the cover.

Charms (White Cover)

A small collection of dark science fiction by Bram Stoker Award winning author, Michael Bailey.

I need to read more science fiction, and this collection of two novellas and a short story sounds charming.

Herbology (Title starts with an I)

An anthology of terrifying tales from the woods.

I’m killing two birds with one stone with this anthology (what a horrible expression), as I’ve got an ARC to review for its release on the 15th.

Potions (book under 150 pages)

The author was kind enough to offer me a free review copy and, at only 90 pages, it fits the bill.

Now I’m hungry for pizza.

Have you heard of the Magic Readathon? Are you taking part this year? Tell me all in the comments.

Yes, that is a potato on the post banner. That’s Prátaí (means potato in Irish), my new blog mascot. I received him as part of a promotional package for preordering Arianne Costner’s book, My Life as a Potato. Expect to see more of his adventures, coming soon.

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