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Blood Journey by Henry Lewis Sanders and Terrie Leigh Relf

Full of sex, demons and revenge, this tale of blood drinkers falls closer to Anne Rice than Bram Stoker on the spectrum of vampire novels.

After destroying Andora, high priestess of the Dark Church of Hekatae, Vasilie flees England with his fellow vampires – Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut, and the triplets Ganymede, Endron and Dorian. Their destination is Seattle, Washington, where Vasilie’s friend and assistant, Henry, has prepared a home where the undead family will be safe.

However, Andora’s followers in the Church of the Dark Mother are out for revenge, and soon Sarena, Henry’s girlfriend, is drawn into a secret world where good vampires and evil witches exist. When vampires go to war, which side will win?

I prefer my vampires to be the villains, and while they certainly are the antagonists in this novel, they are also the protagonists. Vasilie is an interesting character, as is how he collected his family. My favorite character was Hatshepsut, who not only is a vampire, but has some unusual magic abilities.

Unfortunately, the human characters held less interest for me and, while I appreciate it is an important part of these sort of books, I would have preferred if it had contained less sex.

I award Blood Journey

Blood Journey is available on Amazon from various sellers.

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