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Camp NaNoWriMo Update

Can you believe that it is Wednesday once again? I’m never great at knowing what day it is at the best of times, but I’m feeling particularly nebulous these days, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

Writing is going well and I’m over halfway through Dead Jimmy. My outline made all the difference, and even though I had to start again, it was worth it. I still struggle a lot with negative thoughts about my writing, but I remind myself that it’s a first draft and it’s supposed to be rough.

The downside of all this writing is that my reading has suffered. I’m way behind on my blogs, so I apologize that I haven’t commented for such a long time. I’m also behind on my novel reading.

How is your Camp NaNoWriMo going? Any poems to share? (I’m looking at you, Priscilla!) Let me know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Update”

  1. Yay for passing the halfway point!

    I am still writing poems every day this month. I am pleased as punch to say I got one of this month’s poems accepted at R.K. Russell’s site. (He’s an NFL player and a published poet, for those not familiar with him.) I don’t know yet when he’ll publish my poem, but I’ll holler when he does.:-)

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  2. Congratulations! That’s fantastic! Keep going – you’ve got this! Plus I hope you publish it later this year – I love the two Dead Jimmy stories I have read!

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