Author Interview Terrie Leigh Relf

Terrie Leigh Relf is a woman of many talents. Poet, novelist, editor and writing coach are just some of the arrows in her quiver.

Creativity flows vigorously in her blood. A keen reader from a young age, and encouraged by her grandmother to write her own stories, Terrie published her first poem at only 6 years old.

While she didn’t pursue further publication for several decades, Terrie continued to write voraciously, teaching herself to type on her father’s office typewriter before getting her own when she was in the sixth grade.

Terrie continued writing into young adulthood, accruing volumes of notebooks filled with poems and stories, as well as dream journals full of strange or recurring dreams. Despite encouragement, it wasn’t until her thirties that she started publishing articles and considered writing novels.

Once started in publishing, she hasn’t stopped, and now has several novels and collections of science fiction poetry in print, as well as being long term editor of a drabble competition, now with Hiraeth Publishing, active member of The Horror Writers Association, writing teacher, mentor and coach.

There is not much that Terrie dislikes about writing. She enjoys the entire process from the first flash of inspiration to the final “done” of publication. She sometimes gets so engrossed in writing that she spends hours sitting in a awkward position and not notice until she’s finished. Despite her many publications, she still gets as excited as a two year old with each new acceptance.

If the best part of writing is when she’s in the zone, Terrie concedes that the worst part is when she’s not. She finds it frustrating that sometimes she can spend months on a short story, and then other times write something in a day.

When it comes to advice for other writers, Terrie recommends that people put the time in to hone their craft, and have reasonable expectations. She says to keep pushing yourself, exploring new points of view, and expanding your repertoire. Write short stories, poems, novels – write them all, or just choose one. It’s up to you.

Read my reviews of Terrie’s books:

Her young adult novel, The Waters of Nyr.

Her adult vampire novel co-authored with Henry Lewis Sanders, Blood Journey.

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