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Flesh and Blood by Willow Rose

Flesh and Blood ably introduces the characters, and sets up the mystery, as the first book in The Vampires of Shadow Hills series.

Robyn has lived in Shadow Hills her entire life. In fact, she was born there. She’s never questioned that everyone in the estate is good looking, successful and rich. Not until Jazmine and her family move in, and things start to change.

The main players in this book are four teenage friends – Robyn (who may or may not have vampires for parents); Jayden, Robyn’s best friend turned crush, who comes from a hirsute family; Amy, whose family loves statues and is good at baking; and new comer Jazmine, whose parents seem to want a piece of whatever pie that makes the residents of Shadow Hills so powerful.

Over the course of the book strange occurrences, including murder, make the friends question their lives, including the very nature of their parents.

The characters are engaging, the story interesting, and the pacing is fast. Unfortunately, because this is the first in a series, a lot of questions are posed but very few are answered. I have an idea of what the full story may be, but I’m not sure how many books I’ll have to read before I discover if I’m correct or not.

A fun, quick read that’s ultimately unsatisfying because there’s not a lot of resolution.

I award Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood is available for $2.91 ebook and $14.99 print book on Amazon.

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