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An Untoward Bliss of Moons by Terrie Leigh Relf

A collection of science fiction poetry that takes the reader to new worlds.

There are 78 poems held captive between the covers of this slim volume. While all are science fiction, some of the poems have a horror element, while others are more metaphysical.

I’ve spoken before about my difficulties with reviewing poetry. I’ve not studied it for years, and it’s such a personal art form, it’s hard to be objective.

However, this collection raises a whole new set of set of obstacles because not only is it poetry, and personal, it’s also science fiction.

Each poem is a story, many of which could be expanded into short stories or even full length novels. There is something magical in the combination of brevity and lyrical description that produces complex mind movies under the skillful hand of Ms Relf. Some of the poems made me laugh, others made me think, and some made me squirm, but all held beauty and wonder in their different way.

I award An Untoward Bliss of Moons

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