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Giveaway #3: The Joe Joseph Prize for Literary Achievement

With great pleasure I announce the commencement of the inaugural Joe Joseph Prize for Literary Achievement, inspired by my good friend, Joe (but you may know him as Dumb Joe).

Ever wanted to be a character in a novel? Now you – yes, you! – can be a dastardly villain or heroic good guy in Iseult Murphy’s next book.

The winner of the Joe Joseph Prize for Literary Achievement will get to choose whether they will be aligned with the antagonist or protagonist in Iseult Murphy’s next work, and upon suppling of certain details, a fictional facsimile of the winner will be inserted into the pages of said novel (Iseult Murphy is not liable for the actions of possible death of said fictional facsimile).

The giveaway runs until Friday. The winner will be announced Saturday. Enter as many times as you like.

Good Luck!

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