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Giveaway #4: Super Special Giveaway

I am so excited to announce this week’s giveaway. It has been difficult keeping it secret, as I’ve wanted to tell everyone about it for months. I hope you will be as excited about it as I am, now that you know what it is!

The super special giveaway prize is…

10 print copies of my fantasy novella, From The Ashes.

That’s right. This week, for the final giveaway of May Madness 2020, I have not one, not three, but TEN prizes!!!

From the Ashes is my new fantasy novella, which is not currently available to buy. That’s how special this giveaway is. As winning a copy is the only way to get your hands on it at the moment, ten lucky people are going to be able to read it before EVERYBODY else in the world. Imagine that!

Did I mention that fantastic cover? I’ve been a fan of Laura Tolton’s work for ages, and the fact that she’s drawn my cover illustration has blown my mind. Winning this prize is worth it for the cover alone! Laura has captured the main character, Rose, perfectly. Her expression is so intense and awesome, I get chills every time I look at her.

But what is FROM THE ASHES about?

You have to burn away the lies to reveal the truth.

The world is dying. Resources are limited. Settlements aggressively defend their food and water.

Rose has always been grateful to the people who took her in as a lost child, forgiving their harsh treatment and hard work because of their initial act of kindness.

The violent consequences of a tragic accident causes Rose to not only question her life, but her very existence. Her quest to discover what she is leads her to find a world that has been hidden for centuries.

I hope your interest is well and truly piqued. Here’s another picture of the cover, because it really is so lovely.

Click on the button below to enter the giveaway. You have until midnight Thursday, and you can enter once everyday.

Enter the giveaway here

Good luck!

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