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Dead Meat Day 4 by Nick Clausen

Denmark is doomed! Just like the zombies, this series grows stronger every day.

By Day 4, the army has been mobilized to stop the spread of the undead, which is bound to fail, even when you don’t consider the walking corpses to be virus infected patients.

As with the other books in the series, a lot of the action follows Dan and his efforts to survive. Following on from the last book, the narrative catches up with William, Holger and Mille, as well as Dan’s family.

New characters introduce a medical investigation of what’s going on, which topically mimics some of the real world recent events to great advantage. There are also some religious characters, and it is refreshing to see how people who believe in God are coping during the calamity.

Some old friends turn up too, and I use the term friends loosely, weaving in what is probably my favourite part of the series.

As the longest book so far, it is also my favourite. The overall story is enriched by the new devolpments, and the characters are engaging, both for their back story and how they are managing with the predicament they find themselves in. Honestly, I wish the book had been three times as long, and I can’t wait for Day 5.

If you love zombies, horror with a helping of humor and a sprinkling of social commentary, this is a series you can’t afford to miss. I’d recommend signing up to the author’s newsletter to get the exclusive free novella, Dead Meat Day 0, which really adds to the series.

I award Dead Meat Day 4

Dead Meat Day 4 is available for $3.03 ebook on Amazon.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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