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7 Days in Hell Print Copy

I love reading Kathleen Jennings blog. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist and author, she is also very generous in sharing her process and ideas.

Inspired by her work, I decided to make the print edition of 7 Days in Hell (out Thursday) extra special and illustrate the chapter pages.

Because this book is about 7 days in hell, there are 7 chapters covering each day of horror. I decided to use a silhouette for each day, choosing an image that was symbolic for the events of the chapter.

There is a lot of humor in this book, so I wanted the images to be striking, but also slightly cartoonish, to reflect the tone of the story.

Sketches of ideas for the chapter images.

Once I’d finalized the images I wanted, I sketched a silhouette that was closer to the image I was looking for.

Getting there with the dog.

Once I’d worked up a silhouette I was reasonably happy with, I transferred it to a digital drawing program where it was easier to make changes and produce the clean image I wanted for my book.

Almost ready for the book.

I love illustrations in books, and I think these pictures will make the print copy extra special. It’s something I’m considering for all my physical books going forward.

12 thoughts on “7 Days in Hell Print Copy”

  1. What a fantastic idea! The dog looks great – I love the other sketches, it’s a really nice touch. I’ll have to get the print copy! I’ve always loved illustrations in books, and envied authors who could draw as well as write!

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