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The Lake on the Moon by H E Wilburson

The discovery of what the Red Weed really is, communication through dreams and time travel. The Lake on the Moon is even more exciting than Chapter 1 of The Martian Diaries.

The focus of Chapter 2 is very much on Ogilvy. We discover how he made the heat ray, which he used to such great effect in The Day of the Martians, and learn that he is connected to the Martians in a strange and unexpected way.

George and Laura are living an idyllic life in Wales, but unfortunately their happiness doesn’t last long. After a trip to Crystal Palace go see an exhibit about the Martians, George reconnects with Ogilvy and learns that the Martian threat has not passed. In fact, it is even greater and more insidious than before.

The writer and the scientist must work together once again in an effort to save the world from the new type of Martian attack.

Wilburson’s imagination never ceases to amaze me, as he continues to up the ante with the next chapter in the series. Longer than the first release, it is much more in-depth, and introduces concepts that are extremely timely, as well as continuing to honor the source material.

The audio production continues to be strong, with excellent voice work and good supporting music and Foley.

I can’t wait to hear what happens in the concluding chapter of the series, which I hope will be released soon.

I award The Lake on the Moon

The Lake on the Moon is available on Amazon and ITunes.

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