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Unbreakable By Kami Garcia

Move over Sam and Dean Winchester, there’s a new set of demon hunting brothers in town, and this time they’re twins.

17 year old Kennedy Waters has an eidetic memory and is a skilled artist, but is in every other way totally unremarkable. Apart from the fact that she’s a member of a centuries old group, called Legion.

After the death of her mother, Kennedy is rescued by the other members of Legion – twins Lukas and Jared, engineering whiz kid Priest, and trust fund beauty Alara.

Torn between which twin she is most attracted to, and suffering the cold shoulder of Alara, Kennedy has to quickly learn the ropes of being a demon hunter or fall foul of the demons herself.

The book started well, with Kennedy looking for her cat in a graveyard and seeing a ghost. I liked her relationship with her mother and the depiction of Kennedy as an introverted artist.

A few chapters later and Kennedy is caught in a love triangle with two hot brothers, putting these strangers in constant danger by acting stupidly, and dodging an amber alert like a pro.

I very nearly gave up on this book. It’s not that it’s particularly badly written or plotted, it’s just that I’ve read the same characters and story beats in so many other young adult fantasy books.

Kennedy is clumsy and puts her team in danger, but they love her all the more because of it. The twins instantly fall for her and fight over her. The only other female on the team gives her a hard time. The action set pieces are predictable. The ending was obvious.

The plot seemed stretched thin, no doubt to allow for sequels, and that wouldn’t have been a problem if the characters were interesting and well developed, rather than paint by the numbers young adult stereotypes.

If I was a teenager and I’d never read a demon hunter book before, or watched much television, I’d probably like this book. However, it offered nothing new to me to elevate it above so many that have gone before. Not bad, but boring.

I award Unbreakable

Unbreakable is available for $5.59 ebook and $20.99 print book on Amazon.

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