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Random man By Layden Robinson

I’m not sure what kind of wine inspired the stories in this collection, which manage to hit on some truths while staying true to their random nature.

First up is Freddy Fudtucker, a brief description of the life of a dude who held up two fingers to everything. Who doesn’t love a story that features time traveling drag mimes?

Next is Cherry Road, which makes an interesting comment on the choose your own adventure nature of life, before jumping feet first into a ditch full of erotica.

Consumed, perhaps the most straight forward narrative of the bunch, is all about pain and the consequence of actions.

An Emotional Puppet has a strong message about manipulation, if you can get past the misogynistic language.

The Source looks at creativity and fame from a body horror angle.

Leonard’s Violet Dilemma has, well, clowns. And brings to mind a famous quote of Nietzsche.

While there were elements I connected with in each of these stories, hinting at a greater depth, unfortunately attention to detail and such niggling things as punctuation were treated as randomly as the title.

I also found offputting the erotic content of some of the stories, as well as the sexual nature of the language throughout the collection. I know this will not bother a lot of readers, but I prefer not to read this genre.

There is talent here, and I enjoyed aspects of the randomness.

I award Random Man

Random Man is available for $2.45 ebook on Amazon.

I received a free book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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