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Chills and Creeps Volume 2 by Nick Clausen

Clausen surpasses his first collection of short stories with 8 even creepier, more chilling tales in this second volume.

The collection starts with Babysitter, a tense story about Julie, and her first time minding the children of a new client. It’s stories like this one that make me think reading horror in the dark at night isn’t such a good idea.

Next is The Teacher from Outer Space, which is, as you may have guessed, about an alien teacher. It’s a bit of fun, and reminded me of the movie, The Faculty.

The Scarecrow has a young lad making a scarecrow to protect his mother’s veggies.

There is something nasty lurking at the bottom of The Well.

Master of the Crabs introduces the reader to a horrible teenager called Alex, and a very nice old man who lives by the sea.

Under the Ice is a tragic tale of loss, and the enduring usefulness of Morse code.

A grandfather’s ghost story comes to life in Headless.

Whiskers is about the bond between a boy and his dog.

If you’ve read any of the author’s work, you will have a good idea what to expect with the stories in this collection. Well written, flawed characters, usually teenagers, and imaginative plots.

While I liked the author’s first collection of horror stories, he shows an improvement of his craft in this volume. The ideas are more imaginative and original, the characters are more nuanced, and he dives deeper into the elements that make a reader squirm.

I enjoyed all the stories, but three stood out for me. They were Master of the Crabs, because of its inspired central idea. Whiskers, because it shows how much dogs mean to us, and also because of the German Shepherd. The Well, for having complex characters and a terrifying situation.

I award Chills and Creeps Volume 2

Chills and Creeps Volume 2 is available for $2.76 ebook and $9.99 print book on Amazon.

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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