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Update #2

Anyone else experience missing time last week? I’m not completely sure, but I strongly suspect that I was abducted by aliens. I don’t seem to have written anything of Ebony Flambeau from Wednesday 8th to Sunday 12th. Alien abduction seems to be the only explanation.

It’s the one I’m going with anyway.

Soooo… I wrote about 2000 words on my science fiction novel today. I’ve some catch up to do this week, and then next week I’m having a sort of stay at home writing retreat with my sister, so I should get lots done then (unless the aliens return, of course).

I have decided I’m going to add an introduction of sorts to the novel. I don’t want to call it a prologue, because they get a lot of hate for some reason, so I thought I’d call it a Before (please don’t start quoting Shakespeare about roses in the comments).

How were your writing endeavors last week? Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? Did aliens interfere with your creative pursuits? Tell me all.

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