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Book Tour: Come Join The Murder by Holly Rae Garcia

My third and final Blackthorn Book Tour of the month, Holly Rae Garcia’s impactful crime thriller, Come Join The Murder.

About the book

This is a novel I would read and reread and recommend to others. Fans of vigilante and desperado revenge will delight in this horror story.” — Horror Tree.

Rebecca Crow’s four-year-old son is dead, and her husband is missing.

Divers find her husband’s car at the bottom of a canal with their son’s small, lifeless body, inside. The police have no suspects and nothing to go on but a passing mention of a man driving a van. Guilt and grief cloud Rebecca’s thoughts as she stumbles towards her only mission: Revenge.

James Porter knows exactly what happened to them, but he’ll do anything to keep it a secret.

James didn’t plan to kill Rebecca’s son, but he’s not too broken up about it, either. There are more important things for him to worry about. He needs money, and his increasing appetite for murder is catching the attention of a nosy detective.

My Review

A powerful look at crime and grief, and how actions ripple out into tsunamis that devastate the lives of others.

Two people, connected through one fateful incident.

James didn’t intend for the robbery to end in murder, but it did, and now his random act of violence has forged a chain connecting him to a grieving widow and mother, Rebecca.

Once Rebecca couldn’t get enough time away from her irritating family, but now that they’re gone, she’s rethinking her life. If only she’d realized sooner.

The lives of two very different people intersect in a powerful, emotional thriller that will keep you glued to the story from the first page until the last.

This book is essentially a character study. What drives people to murder? How do they live with themselves after they’ve taken another life? Can those left behind pick up the pieces?

Told from the perspectives of career criminal, James, and career woman, Rebecca, both characters are treated with humanity and are fully drawn three dimensional characters. However, it is in Rebecca’s chapters that I felt the book truly shone. The dichotomy of a mother who can’t stand the mess her four year old son makes around the house, yet who still loves him with a fierce passion, is extremely well described.

This is a There but for the grace of God go I story. A tale of actions with good intentions that snowball into something hellish. A car crash that you can’t look away from. A sad tale you know will end in unhappiness, but you still hope will contain redemption.

Garcia’s writing is smooth as silk and engaging on all levels. I look forward to reading what she writes next.

I award Come Join The Murder

PA = Parrot Assistant. Temporary rating system.

About the author

Holly Rae Garcia’s debut novel, Come Join the Murder, was released on March 27th, 2020 by Close to the Bone Publishing (UK). Her short fiction has been published by Siren’s Call, The Bookends Review, Rue Scribe, Pen to Print, The Australian Writers’ Centre, and Trembling With Fear along with a few anthologies. Holly lives on the Texas Coast with her family and five dogs.


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